Behind The Invasion Of Ukraine

Story written by: Mark Lindsey

After receiving several messages that expressed the opinion that it does not matter if 1/3 of the EU does not support a military action against Russia, I decided to take another moment to explain the obvious.

Mr. Putin is not doing what he’s doing to win a battle or prevail in a war, he has made that clear. If his speeches are actually listened to, he spells it out pretty clearly. If you look at Eurasionist philosophy, and the goals of it’s political thinking, Mr. Putin is adhering to Eurasionist dogma. It is about re-centering the geopolitical power in the long-term. So it’s not about winning in 6 months, it’s about where Russia will be in the next decade, and a generation from now, and where the balance of power and influence will be.

That is why discounting the EUs importance, as well as each and every member State of the EU, is critical to the alliance as a whole. To imagine that a unanimous decision by the EU to support military action against Russia is not mandatory, would be the same as breaking up the alliance altogether.

Mr. Putin’s main objective is to fracture alliances, sowing seeds of discontent, within the EU, NATO and the UN, to make them irrelevant.

Mr. Putin is talking about Russia, as a society and culture, from here on out, ushering in a new era of re-centered geopolitical power and influence. If a 1/3rd of EU States declare that they will not support the current balance of power, the current system, which is dominated by the US, UK, France and Germany, that will fracture the EU, and the alliance will implode.

Sure, nobody could stop us if we decided to act unilaterally, but it would create so much chaos and discord politically that the UN becomes paralyzed, as it is now, NATO becomes less relevant, because of a lack of unified goals, and the EU is dissolved. Who is going to fill that vacuum? Are we going to try and hold the line alone?