Who We Are

Raven Reconnaissance (Raven; Raven Recon; RR); is a team of past and present military, law enforcement, intelligence officers, criminal investigators, investigative journalists, and threat analysts who focus on providing in-depth coverage on past, present and future terrorism, financial fraud, organized crime, political corruption, adversarial military activities and other similar topics of interest.

We leverage our professional and doctrinal experiences in military intelligence collection and analysis methodologies to produce high quality content. As a platform primarily focused on investigations, we incorporate a variety of resources, tools and intelligence disciplines including: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Geospatial (GEOSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT).

Raven Reconnaissance, in partnership with Gemini Defense Strategic Outcomes (GDSO Group) now provides Tactical, Defense, Medical, Survival and Firearms Courses throughout most major European and North American Cities. GDSO Group Instructors are among the top recognized within the region they operate in and have an extensive clientele including, but not limited to: General Directorate of Fighting Organized Crime (GDBOP ‚Äď Bulgaria), German Military, Italian Military, Kosovo Special Intervention Unit, Greek Marines, Bulgarian Police Officers, Romanian Police Officers, Austrian Close Protection Officers, United States Special Operations and much more. To learn more, visit GDSO Group

Raven Reconnaissance reserves the right to decline any correspondence we suspect is unethical.



Continental Conflicts: Americas

The Americas have been home to several conflicts over the last decade. These conflicts range from political upheavals, social unrest, and armed conflicts.

The Power Triad: Analyzing Military Might of China, Russia, and US

As the world closely watches the global power dynamics, the focus is now on the three towering nations: China, Russia, and the United States.

Syrian War: A Decade of Devastation

A Decade of Devastation The Syrian War has been raging for a decade, causing unimaginable destruction and suffering.

Unpacking AI: The Implications and Limitations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our world, but it's important to understand its limitations and potential implications.

South China Sea Tensions: The Global Implications

The South China Sea has been a hotbed of tension for years, with various nations claiming ownership of the region's waters.

High Altitude Reconnaissance

In recent years, there has been a growing use of surveillance balloons to spy on foreign nations. These balloons are often equipped with high-tech...


Geospatial Intelligence

This course will provide an in-depth introduction to Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), the practice of using spatial data to inform decision-making. GEOINT is a rapidly...

Open Source Intelligence

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), the practice of collecting and analyzing publicly available information. OSINT is a...