Continental Conflicts

Continental Conflicts: Asia

Over the last couple of years, the continent of Asia has experienced a diverse range of conflicts, spanning from territorial disputes to religious and ethnic tensions.

Continental Conflicts: Europe

Europe has experienced a variety of conflicts, both within its borders and in its relations with neighboring regions.

Continental Conflicts: Africa

Africa has experienced numerous conflicts that have led to loss of lives, displacement of people, and destruction of property. These conflicts have been caused by various factors such as political instability, ethnic tensions, and economic struggles.

Continental Conflicts: Americas

The Americas have been home to several conflicts over the last decade. These conflicts range from political upheavals, social unrest, and armed conflicts.

The Power Triad: Analyzing Military Might of China, Russia, and US

As the world closely watches the global power dynamics, the focus is now on the three towering nations: China, Russia, and the United States.